With Salsadancers Bern

18:30- 19:30 Afro Cubano & Rumba

Movements, rhythms and steps of various peoples from Africa and Europe once mingled in the Caribbean and have become indispensable for any advanced dancer today. Through these complex patterns of movement and rich expressions you will learn to understand the essence of salsa dance. Rumba as a couple dance gives you those important coquettish between man and woman, which are essential in salsa.

18:30- 19:30 Salsa Cubana

Salsa Cubana consists of elements of Afro-Cuban and Spanish origin. Their direct predecessors in Cuba are the styles Son and Danzon. In the Salsa Cubana, the couple dances through the room in basic steps or with demanding variations, so-called figures. It can be danced open, in the form of turns for woman and man and closed, in a close dance posture. The hallmark of the dance style Salsa Cubana is also the perpetual dancing around the partner in the figures, which is more like passing by, for example, in Puerto Rican salsa.

19.45 - 20.45 Caribbean moves / Pasitos / Bodymovements

Caribbean moves means bodymoves, isolation and coordination. This repertoire enriches your freedom of movement for all Latin dances.

19.45 - 20.45 Son / Mambo / Chachacha

They are the closest relatives of salsa dance: Son, Mambo and Chachacha. In addition to the rhythmic challenge, these dances offer you insight into the diversity of the salsa couple dance. The groove of the chachachas, the grace of the sons and the playfulness of the mambo give your dance always the right spice and new ideas.


Santino Carvelli

Santino is co-founder and co-director of Salsadancers. He has been working as a salsa teacher since 1998. After 15 years of experience as a percussionist in various salsa groups and music projects, it tempted him to dance himself. In Cuba and Puerto Rico he was trained for months by experienced professional dancers. Santino teaches all styles, Pasitos and Menstyling. He is also responsible for the dance school management, various events, coaching, tact and choreographies by Son Almas.

Anna Blöchlinger

Anna is co-founder and co-director of Salsadancers. She completed dance educations in salsa, Afro-Cuban dances, modern dance and ballet in Bern, Zurich, Cuba, New York and Puertorico. Anna also creates her own dance and theater projects - also at schools and in the independent scene. Anna teaches all styles, as well as Ladystyling. Furthermore, she is responsible for the dance school management, realization of various events, coaching, training line tact and for various choreographies.