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Anker 1
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1.10.23 - 31.10.23.

1.11.23 - 30.11.23.

1.12.23 - 3.1.24

Fullpass: Early Bird             190CHF

Fullpass: Pre Sale         240CHF

Fullpass: Regular Price  290CHF

Partypass: Early Bird            60CHF

Partypass: Pre Sale         70CHF

Partypass: Regular Price  75CHF

Beginners Workshop: Early Bird 50CHF

Beginners Workshop: Pre Sale 50CHF

Beginners Workshop: Regular Price 50CHF

*for every pass there is the option of a reduced price (-10%) for people who are in education, have kulturlegi, AHV, or other reasons why they cannot pay the full price.

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