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3 magical days to start your year dancing...

3 days of workshops with international teachers, 3 parties with live music and just a wonderful, loving atmosphere in the cozy city of Bern, Switzerland.

Our vision is to not make workshops for the different dance styles, but to work with concepts, ideas and movements from different backgrounds to form your unique Fusion Dance.

2024 will already be our fifth edition. Make sure to be a part of it!

The Fusionizers Team


Lea Wenger

Lea has a love for many different dances. It started with blues, soon fusion, then tango, balboa and now also lindy hop. Since 3 years she helps organising dance events and festivals in Bern.


Santino Carvelli

Santino is the co-founder and co-director of the dancestudio Salsadancers in Bern. He has been a salsa teacher since 1998. After 15 years of experience as a percussionist in various salsa groups and music projects, he was tempted to dance himself. In Cuba and Perto Rico he was trained to become a professional dancer himself. He dances not only salsa, but also ohter latin dances and does contact improv. The last Fusionizers Festival took place in his studio and that's how he discovered and fell in love with fusion dance.

We are the main organisers, but we have a lot of lovely people supporting us.

Like Flouer Evelyn who has a huge amount of experience with organising dance events, Michael Wälti who organised the last Fusionizer Festivals and lots of supportive friends from our local dance community.

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