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Dinner on Friday

On friday the workshop and party will take place in the same venue. There is nothing close by where you could  eat.

But you don't need to worry, we have the lovely Samir who is cooking some delicious tunisian food for us!

You don't need a reservation. We will provide a room to relax and eat inside.


There will be vegan options available.

Bodywork and holistic Massage by Lena and Bella

Stretching with Irina

This class is included in your fullpass.

Do something good for your body and join Irina for some relaxed stretching sessions.

Find her on the 2. floor in the small room of DancePassion.

Janine is a professional and award winning make up artist. She will turn you all into an even shinier and more glittery piece of art than you already are!

On Saturday she will be at the restaurant zent during the dinner and the start of the party. 

Save your timeslot by signing up at her desk once you arrive on the venue!

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