Travel & Accomodation

By Public Transport

Plane: if you travel by plane, we recommend flying to Zurich, Basel or Geneva and then take the train to Bern. Flights to Bern are usually really expensive because it's a tiny ariport.

Train: Trains are quite expensive in Switzerland. But if you book early there are the so called "Sparbillette". These are cheaper tickets that you can buy online in advance. Usually there are "Sparbillette" during the hours of lesser traffic, mostly during the morning or in the afternoon.

By Car

If you are travelling by car and have some free seats, please feel free to share it in our facebook-event. Maybe someone is travelling a similar route and happy for a ride.


We are trying our best to organise private hosting for all the people who are interested.

If there are no more places left or if you prefer to stay in a hotel or hostel, here you can find a selection of good and not too expensive hostels near our venues:

Bern Youth Hostel:

This hostel is a 10min walk away from our workshop location. With a beatuiful view over the river Aare.

Hostel 77:

This hostel is a bit further away, but with good connection to public transport.

Hotel Glocke Backpackers Bern

This hostel is located right in the middle of the old town of Bern. Within walking distance to the workshop location.