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Code of Conduct

Respect each other and be aware that everyone has a different perception of limits: better be too polite and too respectful rather than using your own feeling as a measure. Please talk to each other. If someone is repeatedly disrespecting your limits after you have communicated it – please talk to one of the organizers or to one of the teachers.

Keep your belongings in a safe place. Our parties are public and we don’t have a wardrobe.

Mind your own and other people’s bodies

Please be careful when dancing and make that you and your partner both have a safe and pleasant dance experience.

1. Be mindful of other dancers around you and keep your dancing social-floor friendly.
2. Ask for consent before you lead moves such as dips or dance in close embrace. 
3. Apologise for accidental swiping/touching of sensitive body parts. 
4. Tell your partner in case you got an injury or something hurts. 
5. Stay hydrated, and make sure to eat

We want you to also extend this care to others. Any harassment such as physical mistreatment or verbal insults are not tolerated at our event.

In case anything happens to you or you witness anything that concerns you, please get in contact with your care team or the organizing team. The organizers will address anyone who will show a behavior in contravention with this code and is entirely entitled to take any appropriate action including the removal of an attendee, temporarily or definitely.

It’s ok to say no

It is okay to say no to a dance when asked. Please be respectful and accept a “No” when asking for a dance and equally be kind when you decline a dance. When dancing with people, please take care of good personal hygiene to make dancing more comfortable for everyone involved. You know your body, bring an extra change of clothes, towels, or deodorants if you need it.

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